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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Development of biodegradable poly (vinyl alcohol) /chitosan cross linked membranes for antibacterial wound dressing applications

Mohamed E. Hassan, Hassan A. Shehata, Alaa Fahmy, Mohand Badr, Tamer M. Tamer, Ahmed M. Omer

First record of Lyphira heterograna (Ortmann, 1892) from the North West of the Arabian Gulf

Tariq H.Y. Al-Maliky1, and Anwar M.J. Al-Maliky

Morphology, Histology and Serotonin Immunoreactivity on Salivary Glands of Stick Insect, Phobaeticus serratipes (Phasmida: Phasmatidae)

Wan Nurul ‘Ain, W.M.N and Nurul Wahida Othman

Chemical  Composition  and  Anti-inflammatory  Activity  of  the Essential   Oil of  Echium  humile  (Boraginaceae)  in vivo from  South-West  of  Algeria

Hamid  Benlakhdar ,  Nasser  Belboukhari ,  Khaled  Sekkoum ,  Abdelkrim  Cheriti, Hatice Banu Keskinkaya, Salah Akkal

Comparison of different solvents for Antioxidant and Antibiogram Pattern of Bergenia ciliata rhizome Extract from Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh

Kanika Dulta , Kiran Thakur  , Amanpreet Kaur Virk  , Arti Thakur  , Parveen Chauhana ,Vinod Kumar and P.K. Chauhan

The one-pot synthesis of some bioactive pyranopyrazoles and evaluation of their protective behavior against extracellular H2O2 and SNP in T. Thermophila.

Boutaina Addoum, Bouchra El khalfi, Reda Derdak, Souraya Sakoui, Abdelhakim Elmakssoudi, and Abdelaziz Soukri

Antimicrobial Activities of Natural Volatiles Organic Compounds Extracted from Dittrichia viscosa (L.) by Hydrodistillation

Nafila Zouaghi , Nour El Houda Bensiradj , Carlos Cavaleiro ,Boubekeur Nadjemi  and Ahmad Telfah

Identification and characterization of antimicrobial peptide genes in Clarias gariepinus and Chelon ramada

Karima F Mahrous, Dalia M Mabrouk, Mohamad M Aboelenin, Heba AM Abd El kader and Mohamed S Hassanane

Genetic relationship of some Pisum sativum subspecies using different molecular markers

Samira A. Osman and Hoda B. M. Ali

In Silico Screening for Inhibitors Targeting 4-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol Kinase in Salmonella typhimurium

Mohammed Zaghlool Al-Khayyat

Nutritional evaluation, Phytochemicals, Antioxidant and Antibacterial activity of Stellaria monosperma Buch.-Ham. Ex D. Don and Silene vulgaris (Moench) Garcke: wild edible plants of Western Himalayas

Arti Thakur, Somvir Singh, Sunil Puri

Assessment of genetic variability among Jordanian tomato landrace using inter-simple sequence repeats markers

Mohammad H. Brake , Moath A. Al-Gharaibeh, Hassan R. Hamasha, Nuha S. Al Sakarneh, Ibrahim A. Alshomali, Hussein M. Migdadi, Muien M. Qaryouti, Nizar J. Haddad

In vitro antioxidant and inhibitory potential of leaf extracts of Varthemia sericea against key enzymes linked to type 2 diabetes

Abdelouahab Dehimat  Ines Azizi Véronique Baraggan-Montero Bachra Khettal

Protective effect of Ferula hermonis root extract against cycram-induced DNA, biochemical and testicular damage in rats

Shenouda M. Girgis, Amira Abd ElRaouf and Halima S. Abdou

Genetic diversity of seagrass Thalassia hemprichii and Enhalus acoroides in coastal area of East Java

Hery Purnobasuki, Sucipto Hariyanto and Putut Rakhmad Purnama

Effectivity of Curcumin and Thyroxine Supplementations for Improving Liver Functions to Support Reproduction of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Livana D Rawung, Damiana R Ekastuti , Ade Sunarma, Muhammad Z Junior, Min Rahminiwati, Wasmen Manalu

Life History Traits of the Gangetic scissortail rasbora, Rasbora rasbora (Hamilton, 1822) in the Payra River, Southern Bangladesh

Newton Saha , Mohaiminul Haque Rakib, Md. Mahamudul Hasan Mredul, Md. Arifur Rahman and Ferdous Ahamed

Vegetative Morphological Variations within Some Egyptian Amaranthus L. Species

Wafaa K. Taia, Azza A. Shehata, Manaser M. Ibrahim and Islam M. El-Shamy

Rapid osmotic adjustment in leaf elongation zone during polyethylene glycol application: Evaluation of the imbalance between assimilation and utilization of carbohydrates

Mohamed Mahdid  , Abdelkrim Kameli  and Thierry Simonneau

Utilization of Agro-industrial wastes as carbon source in solid-state fermentation processes for the production of value-added byproducts

Mahmoud W. Sadik, Moustafa M. Zohair , Ahmed A. El-Beih,  Eman R. Hamed  and Mohamed Z. Sedik

Phytochemical study, nutritional evaluation and in vitro antiobesity potential of fruits pericarp and seeds of Livistona carinensis and Thrinax parviflora

Mohamed S. Hifnawy a, Marwa Yousry Issa, Hesham El-Seedib,c, Amr M. K. Mahrousa, Rehab M. S. Ashoura

New Approach for Biocontrolling Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on Cowpea by Commercial Fresh Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)

Mahmoud M.A.Youssef , Wafaa M.A. El-Nagdi

Influence of Static Magnetic Field Seed Treatments on the Morphological and the Biochemical Changes in Lentil Seedlings (Lens Culinaris Medik.)

Amal M. Harb , Bar’a M. Alnawateer and Ibrahim Abu-Aljarayesh

Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori and Its seasonality in Ilam, Iran

Saeed Hemati , Arash Rahmatian , Ghasem Talee, Elham Bastani , Aryoobarzan Rahmatian , Morteza Shams , Zahra Mahdavi

Antibacterial and Anti virulence factors of Purified Dextran from Lactobacillus gasseri against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Jehan Abdul Sattar Salman and Ali Jumma Kareem


Contents of Number 2

Phytochemical profiling and in vitro α-amylase inhibitory activity of Glycosmis pentaphylla (Retz.) DC.

Vinitha Saseendra Babu and Puthuparambil Madhavan Radhamany

Biochemical Effects of Low Crude Protein Diets Supplemented with Varying Methionine Concentrations

Simiat. M. Ogunbode, Eustace. A. Iyayi

In vitro genotoxicity study of the lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide on Sf9 insect cells line using Comet assay

Manal Saleh , Daas Ezz -din and Aroub Al-Masri

Protective effect of  amino acid,  Glycine in broilers fed on Imidacloprid treated rations

Enas, A. Abbas, Amany, M. Salama, Fayza, A., Sdeek,   Eman, I. M. Ismail,  Abdalla, S. H.,  Elshorbagy, I. M.,  Abd EL Rahman, T. A.

Enhancing Electricity Generation with the use of KMnO4 as an electron acceptor in Microbial Fuel Cell

Adegunloye Deke Victoria, Faloni Taiwo Mercy

Neuroprotective Efficacy of Dunaliella salina Against Paraquat-Induced Neurotoxicity in Drosophila melanogaster

Mohamad Agus Salim, Muhammad Subandi and Yeni Yuniarti

Cytokine genes expression in uteri of Bubalus bubalis associated with endometritis infection

Dalia A. Taha, Eman R. Mahfouz, Mona A. Bibars, Nagwa A. Hassan and Othman E. Othman

Influence of drought stress on physiological traits of crossed okra varieties

Zainab G. Ahmed, Magdi A. El-Sayed

Orange Peels Valorization For Citric Acid Production Through Single And Co-Culture Fermentation

Muddassar Zafar, Hania Shah Bano and Zahid Anwar

Bioactive ingredients of different extracts of Vitex agnus-castus L. Fruits from Morocco and their antioxidant potential

Fatima El Kamari, Driss Ousaaid, Amal Taroq, Yassine El Atki, Iman Aouam, Badiaa Lyoussi, and Abdelfattah Abdellaoui.

Thrombin protease-activated receptor inhibitors from the peel of Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.: an in silico approach

Babatunde J. Oso, Ige F. Olaoye , Anne Adeyanju and Adepeju Aberuagba

Analysis of APXs and HSPs genes responsible to respond to heat stress in tomato plants cultivated in Central Sulawesi

Astija , Musdalifah Nurdin, Syech Zainal

Effect of Garlic, Vitamin C, Vitamin E–Selenium against Bioaccumulated Organolead-Induced Cellular Injury in Liver and Spleen of Albino Rats: Pilot Study

Ziad Shraideh, Darwish Badran, Ahmed Alzbeede, Duaa Alqattan, Areej Alzbeede, Kholoud Friehat

The Antioxidant Activity of Kelor (Moringa oleifera Lam.) Leaves Based on Drying Method

Devi Dwi Siskawardani, Sri Winarsih and Khwunta Khawwee

Impacts of Immunostimulant Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Supplemented Feed on Growth and Blood Profile of Java Barb (Barbonymus gonionotus)

Diana Rachmawati , Roy Hendroko Setyobudi,  Juris Burlakovs, Tita Elfitasari  and  Agus Heri Purnomo

The Moderating Effect of Hypericum thymbrifolium against Memory Loss and Alzheimer's Disease (Experimental Study in Mice)

Khayra Zerrouki ,Noureddine Djebli, Leila Gadouche , Esra Eroglu Ozkan And Afife Mat

RAPD analysis and field screening of bread wheat and barley accessions for resistance to cereal leafminer Syringopais temperatella

Ihab H. Ghabeish , Firas A. Al-Zyoud and Dhia S. Hassawi

Cadmium and Lead Concentrations in Water, Sediment, Fish and Prawn as Indicators of Ecological and Human Health Risk in Santubong Estuary, Malaysia

Adriana Christopher Lee, Farah Akmal Idrus , Fazimah Aziz

Durum wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp durum) improvement during the past 67-year in Algeria: Performance assessment of a set of local varieties under rainfed conditions of the eastern high plateaus

Leďla Haddad, Adel Bachir, NassimaYkhelef , Amar Benmahammed, Hammena Bouzerzour

Influence of Fasting and Feed Constituents Size Variation on Broiler Performance and Intestinal Demonstrations

Asad Ali Khaskheli  and Li Chou

Diversity of Phaseolus lunatus L. in East Java, Indonesia based on PCR-RAPD technique  

Elly Purwanti, Mohamad Amin, Siti Zubaidah, Maftuchah Maftuchah, Siti Nur Hidayati, and Ahmad Fauzi

Increasing Liquidity of SSDM-Based Red Chili Farmers through Agricultural Insurance

Sri Ayu Andayani , Yayan Sumekar, Reny Sukmawani, Agus Yadi Ismail, Dadan Ramdani Nugraha and Sri Umyati

1-Pentacosanol Isolated from Stem Ethanolic Extract of Cayratia trifolia (L.) is A Potential Target for   Prostate Cancer-In SILICO Approach

Sundaram Sowmya , Palanisamy Chella Perumal , Subban Ravi, Palanirajan Anusooriya, Piramanayagam Shanmughavel , Eswaran Murugesh , Karri Krishna Chaithanya and Velliyur Kanniappan Gopalakrishnan

Cloning, expression and purification of Leishmania major PSA-sfGFP fusion protein

Aisha Al-jaghasi, Abdul-Qader Abbady, Sahar Al-Khatib and Chadi Soukkarieh

Relevance of Nanoparticles on Micropropagtion, Antioxidant Activity and Molecular Characterization of Sequoia sempervirens L. Plant.

Iman M. El-Sayed, Walaa H. Salama, Rasha G. Salim, Lobna S. Taha


Contents of Number 3

Molecular Characteristic of Fusarium oxysporum from Different Altitudes in East Java, Indonesia

Henik Sukorini , Erfan Dani Septia, Lili Zalizar and Netnapis Khewkhom

The Characteristics and Predicted of Glycemic Index of Rice Analogue from Modified Arrowroot Starch (Maranta arundinaceae L.)

Damat Damat , Roy Hendroko Setyobudi, Joko Susilo Utomo, Zane Vincēviča-Gaile, Anas Tain and Devi Dwi Siskawardani

Genotype Distribution and Prevalence of Human Papillomavirus Among Russian Women in Rostov, Southern Federal District of Russia

Abbas Hadi AlBosale , Konstantin Alekseevich Kovalenko, Elena Vladimirovna Mashkina

Production of Chemotherapeutic Agent L-asparaginase from Gamma-Irradiated Pseudomonas aeruginosa WCHPA075019.

Amany, B. Abd El–Aziz; Wesam, A. Hassanein; Zakaria, A. Mattar; and Rabab, A. El-Didamony

Parasite Survey in Rastrelliger brachysoma (Short Mackerel) from Selected Fish Markets in Zamboanga City, Philippines

Romenick Alejandro Molina

Cypermethrin-Induced Alterations in Serum Calcium and Phosphate of Rats: Protective Role of Jamun Seed and Orange Peel Extracts

Babita D. Srivastava, Manish Srivastava, Sunil K. Srivastav , Makoto Urata, Nobuo Suzuki and Ajai K. Srivastav

Acacia auriculiformis Cunn. Ex Benth As Phytoextraction Agent: A Growth Response, Physiological Tolerance and Lead Removal Capability Evaluation

Abderrahmane Zerkout, Muskhazli Mustafa, Hishamuddin Omar, Mohd Hafiz Ibrahim and Rusea Go

Ovicidal, Larvicidal and Pupicidal Efficacy of Crude Methanol and Hexane Extract of Urtica massaica Mildbri on Anopheles gambiae Giles

Khatoro R.T, Yugi, J.O. and Sudoi V

Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization of Novel Streptomyces Species Isolated from Kurdistan Soil and its Antibacterial Activity Against Human Pathogens

Bayan Kakamand Jalal, Ayad H. Hasan

Phytochemical, Chemical and Biomedical Characterization of Crude Extracts of Macrosphyra longistyla (DC.) Hiern

Ernest U. Durugbo , James O. Ogah , Nwankwo Chukwuemeka , Peter G. Sename , Adedayo T. Olukanni , Kafayat O. Yusuf , Isioma C. Awuzie Olumide D. Olukanni , and Simbo O. Aboaba

Vernonia amygdalina Leaf Extract Abates Oxidative Hepatic Damage and Inflammation Associated with Nitrobenzene in Rats

Johnson O. Oladele , Oyedotun M. Oyeleke, Blessing O. Akindolie, Boyede D. Olowookere , and Oluwaseun T. Oladele

AFLP Primer Selection for the Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) Originated From Central and East Java, Indonesia

Marshelina Noor Indah Delfianti, Endang Yuniastuti and Vita Ratri Cahyani

Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Aeromonas hydrophila infection in Clarias gariepinus and Pond Water from Fish Farms in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Deborah A. Adah, Lawal Saidu, Sonnie J. Oniye,Haruna M. Kazeem, Sylvanus A. Adah

The Correlation between Excess Weight and Duration of COVID-19 Symptoms in a Tertiary Hospital in Amman, Jordan

Laith Khasawneh , Duaa Shaout, Sara Abu-Ghazal, Tishreen Fazza and Mohammad Abdelmajid

Correlation of Chemerin with some Immunological Parameters in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients on Hemodialysis in Ramadi General Hospital

Salahaldin M. Fahad , Rashied M. Rashie 2, and Waleed N. Jaffal

A Review on Reliability and Validity of CRISPR/Cas9 Technology for Gene Editing

Bishnu Dev Das and Niroj Paudel

Comparative Metabolomics Analysis and Radical Scavenging Activity of Saraca asoca (Roxb.) de Wilde Flowers in Different Stages of Maturity

Anindita Hazra, Susmita Das

Biocontrol of Sweet Melon Fruit rot Caused by Fusarium solani Using an Endophytic Fungus Isolated from the Medicinal Plant Solenostemma arghel

Fatma F. Abdel-Motaal , Noha M. Kamel, Magdi A. El-Sayed, Mohamed Abou-Ellail

In vivo Anti-inflammatory Activity of Aqueous Extract of Carthamus caeruleus L Rhizome Against Carrageenan-Induced Inflammation in Mice

Amari Nesrine Ouda , Missoun Fatiha , Mansour Sadia , Sekkal Fatima Zohra and Djebli Noureddine

Histopathological Alterations in the Gills and Liver of Clarias Gariepinus Juveniles Exposed to Acute Concentrations of Anogeissus Leiocarpus

Bala Sambo Audu , Idris Audu Wakawa, Omirinde Jamiu Oyewole and Ponwa Zingfa Changdaya

The Effects of Olive Mill Wastewater on Soil Microbial Populations

Laith N. AL-Eitan , Rami Q. Alkhatib , Bayen S. Mahawreh , Amneh H. Tarkhan , Hanan I. Malkawi, and Munir J. Rusan

Chemical Analysis, Antioxidant, Anti-Alzheimer and Anti-Diabetic Effect of Two Endemic Plants from Algeria: Lavandula antineae and Thymus algeriensis

Benabdallah Fatima Zohra, Zellagui Amar, Bensouici Chawki

Employment of Somatic Embryogenesis as a tool for Rescuing Imperiled Narcissus tazetta L. Growing wild in Jordanian Environment.

Tamara M. Al-Zghoul, Rida A. Shibli , Tamara S. Qudah, Reham W. Tahtamouni, Nasab Rawshdeh

Regulation of Leaves Senescence by Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) Modus Operandi in Arabidopsis

Allah Jurio Khaskheli , Muhammad Ibrahim Khaskheli, Muharam Ali, Li Zhang, Asad Ali Khaskheli Hai Qing Liu, Muhammad Azeem Khaskheli, Syad Zakir Hussain Shah

Environmental Disparity Index (EDI): The New Measurement to Assess Indonesia Environmental Conditions for Supporting Sustainable Development

Fitri Hariyanti, Bekti Indasari, Almasdi Syahza, Zulkarnain, Nofrizal

Driving Factor of Consumer Preferences for Food and Beverages Product Enriched with Green Tea Powder

Lucyana Trimo, Yosini Deliana, Sri Fatimah,Mai Fernando Nainggolan, Mohamad Djali

Biological Traits of Azotobacter Isolated from Marginal Soils and their Resistance to Tetracycline

Reginawanti Hindersah , Priyanka Asmiran, Etty Pratiwi, Tualar Simarmata

Microbes-Coated Urea for Reducing Urea Dose of Strawberry Early Growth in Soilless Media

Reginawanti Hindersah, Indyra Rahmadina, Betty Natalie Fitriatin, Mieke Rochimi Setiawati, Diky Indrawibawa

The Role of Rhizobacterial Inoculum and Formulated Soil Amendment in Improving Soil Chemical-Biological Properties, Chlorophyll Content and Agronomic Efficiency of Maize under Marginal Soils

Betty Natalie Fitriatin, Debora Dellaocto Melati Ambarita, Mieke Rochimi Setiawati and Tualar Simarmata

Efficacy of Combining Hyaluronic Acid and Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Ronald W. Kartika, Idrus Alwi, Em Yunir, Sarwono Waspadji, Franciscus D. Suyatna, Saptawati Bardosono, Suzzana Immanuel, Saleha Sungkar, Jusuf Rachmat, Todung Silalahi, Mirta Hediyati Reksodiputro

Healthy-Smart Concept as Standard Design of Kitchen Waste Biogas Digester for Urban Households

Roy Hendroko Setyobudi , Erkata Yandri, Manar Fayiz Mousa Atoum,Syukri Muhammad Nur, Ivar Zekker, Rinaldi Idroes, Trina Ekawati Tallei, Praptiningsih Gamawati Adinurani, Zane Vincēviča-Gaile, Wahyu Widodo,Lili Zalizar, Nguyen Van Minh, Herry Susanto, Rangga Kala Mahaswa, Yogo Adhi Nugroho, Satriyo Krido Wahono, and Zahriah Zahriah


Contents of Number 4

Supplementation of Nucleotides to Enhance Performance and Immune Responses of Asian Seabass

Sri Dwi Hastuti, James Munro, Stephen Pyecroft, Mary Barton,Maurizio Costabile and Brett Glencross

Purification and Characterization of a Detergent Compatible Alkaline Protease Produced by Bacillus ruris Isolated from Vegetable Oil Factory Effluent in Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria

Adebayo Olawande Osesusi , Victor Olusegun Oyetayo and Daniel Juwon Arotupin

Wound healing activities of Moringa oleifera leaves extract cultivated in Kurdistan region-Iraq

Shang A. Tofiq, Hoshayr A. Azeez and Hemn Hassan Othman

An Assessment of Proximate Composition, Antioxidant Activities and LC/MS Based Phytochemical Profiling of Some Lichen Species Collected From Western Ghats of Southern Part of India

Salah M. El-Kousy, Shalabia S. Emam, Ahmed R. Hassan, Ibrahim M. Sanad

Metabolites profiling of Limonium tubiflorum (Delile) Kuntze var tubiflorum via UPLC-qTOF-MS technique in relation to its cytotoxic activity

Romenick Alejandro Molina

Expression levels of heat shock proteins through western blot and real-time polymerase chain reaction in maize

Mohamed Abdel-Salam Rashed, Mahmoud Hussien Abou-Deif , Kamal Mohamed Khalil and Fatma El-Sayed Mahmoud

Isolation of the Astacin-like metalloprotease coding gene (astl) and assessment of its insecticidal activity towards Spodoptera littoralis and Sitophilus oryzae

Mervat R. Diab, Mahmoud M. Ahmed , Ebtissam H.A. Hussein and Ahmed M. A. Mohammed

Embryonic development of the striped spiny eel, Mastacembelus pancalus (Hamilton, 1822) in captive condition

Md. Sherazul Islam, Tandra Rani

Oxidative Toxic Stress and DNA Damage as a Promising Strategy for Identifying Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Mahshid Abdolmaleki,Maryam Mehrpooya, Bahram Sifizarei, Masoud Saidijam, Ali Reza Soltanian, Maziar Ganji, and Akram Ranjbar

The Potential Impact of Different Types of Yogurt Fortified with Inulin and/or Microencapsulated Probiotic Bacteria on Diabetic Rats

Abdel-moniem Naguib, Abdel-kader Morsy Abdel- Samad, Osama M. Sharaf, Ibrahim M. Hamed, Shaimaa I. Soltan , Mona M. Hussein

Molecular Characterization and Expression Analysis of aflR, aflS, and aflD in Non-Aflatoxigenic and Aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus Treated with Gallic Acid

Ghada M. El-Sayed, Rasha G. Salim, Soher E-S. Aly, Nivien A. Abosereh

Mycobiota and Fungal Metabolites in Improved Groundnut Varieties in Nigeria

Toba S. Anjorin , Alhassan Usman, Stephen O. Fapohunda, Adobe Kwanashie, Michael Sulyok and Rudolf Krska

Homology modeling of apoprotein Opsin and covalent docking of 11-cis retinal and 11-cis 3, 4-didehyroretinal to obtain structures of Rhodopsin and Porphyropsin from Zebra danio, Danio rerio (Hamilton, 1822)

Susmita Dey, Gitartha Kaushik, Saurav Mahanta and Arijit Chakraborty

A preliminary study of Aminoglycoside Modifying Enzymes (AMEs) of Multiple Antibiotic Resistance of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolated from clinical specimens in Al-Diwaniya/Iraq

Firas Srhan Abd Al- Mayahi

Isolation and evaluation of culture media for mycelia growth of an emerging faba bean (Vicia faba L.) gall-forming disease causal agent in Ethiopia

Alemayehu Dugassa , Tesfaye Alemu and Yitbarek Woldehawariat

The Agar Production, Pigment and Nutrient Content in Gracilaria sp. Grown in Two Habitats with Varying Salinity and Nutrient Levels

Ervia Yudiati , Annisa Afifah Nugroho, Sri Sedjati, Zaenal Arifin, Ali Ridlo

Biochemical changes in the liver, kidney and serum of rats exposed to ethanolic leaf extract of Ziziphus spina-christi

Sabah M. Khaleel, Rana A. Almuhur, Taghleb M.F. Al-Deeb and Adnan S. Jaran

Morphological and Phylogenetic Characteristics of Ditylenchus dipsaci among Garlic Plants

Miftahul Ajri , Siwi Indarti , Alan Soffan and Nguyen Ngoc Huu

Genetic Diversity of Local Cowpea (Vigna spp. (L.) Walp.) Accessions Cultivated in Some Regions of Egypt

Ehab M.B. Mahdy , Hossam F.A. El-Shaer, Abd El-Hadi I.H. Sayed and Abeer El-Halwagi

Isolation and Identification of Dibenzothiophene Desulfurizing Bacteria Occurring in Oil Contaminated Soils of Mechanical Workshops

Praveen Reddy P and UmaMaheswara Rao V

Quantitative Probiotic Analysis of Various Kefir Samples


Bacterial strain Pseudomonas avellanae 6CH2 with anti-Fusarium activity in mitigation of herbicidal stress in wheat plants

Sergey Chetverikov, Danil Sharipov, Margarita Bakaeva, Daria Chetverikova, Maksim Timergalin and Timur Rameev

Evaluation of Quorum-Sensing, Antibiotics Resistance, and Biofilm Formation in Pathogenic Bacteria from the Hospital Environments

Fadhl A. S. Al Gashaa, Laith B. Alhusseini, Shayma M. A. Al Baker , Mohammed F. AL Marjani, Zahraa A. Khadam, Dunya J. Ridha and Aws H. Al Rahhal

Antioxidant and Apoptotic Effect of Muscari muscarimi, an Endemic Geophyte Species from Turkey

Cennet Ozay , Ege Riza Karagur, Ramazan Mammadov and Hakan Akca

Fauna of the Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and their Associated Host Plants from Southern Syria

Nazir Khalil, Abdoulrahman Mourad, Mahmoud Karoum, Mohammad Abu Baker and Zuhair Amr

Larvicidal Potentials of Three Indigenous Plants Against Malaria Vector, Anopheles Gambiae L

Sulaimon Adebisi Aina , Ismail Babatunde Onajobi, Ajoke Saidat Sanusi and Oluwatobi Shakirat Kolejo

Examination of Microplastic Particles in Reef Fish Food in Ternate Island Waters, Indonesia

Mimien Henie Irawati Al Muhdhar, I Wayan Sumberartha, Zainudin Hassan ,Muhammad Shalahuddin Rahmansyah and M. Nasir Tamalene

Genetic improvement of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus cereus for controlling root knot nematode and two weeds under laboratory conditions

Shereen AH. Mohamed , Hoda H. Ameen, Usama S. Elkelany , Mona A. El-Wakeel, Mostafa MA. Hammam and Gaziea M. Soliman

Smoking increases the premature associated senescence phenotype of circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells

Kumboyono Kumboyono , Wiwit Nurwidyaningtyas, Indah Nur Chomsy, Fibe Yulinda Cesa and Titin Andri Wihastuti

Light Microscopic Changes in The Epididymis of Different Age Groups of The African Greater Cane Rat (Thryonomys swinderianus, Temminck 1827)

Omirinde Jamiu Oyewole , Olukole Samuel Gbadebo and Oke Bankole Olusiji


Contents of Number 5

Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of Coix lacryma-jobi seed and root oil potential for meningitis treatment

Diky Setya Diningrat  , Novita Sari Harahap  , Marsal Risfandi  , Zulfahri , Ayu Nirmala Sari  , Kusdianti

Further studies on evaluation of the toxicity potential of Terminalia catappa Lin. Combretaceae leaf extract: effects on the histology, liver enzymes, and haematology profile of albino rats

Chika B. Ikele , Elijah Okwuonu and Anya N. Ijem

Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Neem and Collagen of Fish Scales as a Reducing and Stabilizer Agents

Mustafa Mudhafar , Ismail Zainol, H.A. Alsailawi and C. N. Aiza Jaafar

Antioxidant effect of Beta-D-glucan-polysaccharide fractionate of Auricularia polytricha on Hyperglycaemia-Induced Kidney Dysfunction in Experimental Diabetic Nephropathy

Agbor C A  and Anyanwu G E

Effect of Stress on Ontogeny of Humoral Immunity in Catla

Purandara Ballyaya Abhiman, Md. Abdullah-Al Mamun , Manjulesh Pai, Shamima Nasren, Sanjay Singh Rathore and Kalkuli Mariappa Shankar

Covid-19: Viral Pathogenesis and The Host Immune Response

Nasiru Usman Adabara, Sherifat Ozavize Enejiyon , Faruk Adamu Kuta, Ayanwale Oluwatobi Abraham and Samia Alkhalil

The Role of Calcium Ions to Improve Activity of Chitinase Isolated from Vibrio sp.

Noor Harini, Ya Xi Han, and  Johan Sukweenadhi

Callus-mediated Somatic Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration in Vanda tricolor Lindl. var. Pallida

Popy Hartatie Hardjo , Wina Dian Savitri, Ida Bagus Made Artadana, Sulistyo Emantoko Dwi Putra, Elizabeth Pio Parac and Asad Jan

Growth and Productivity of Four Cassava Cultivars on  Several Levels of Mixed Fertilizers

Sri Wahyuningsih, Febria Cahya Indriani, Joko Restuono1, Kartika Noerwijati ,Abdullah Taufiq, Yuliantoro Baliadi, Rohmad Budiono, Nguyen Van Minh and Peeyush Soni

Utilization of “Uwi” Plant (Dioscorea sp.) as a Renewable Bioenergy Resource

Wuryantoro Wuryantoro , Praptiningsih Gamawati  Adinurani,Ratna Mustika Wardhani, Sutrisno Sutrisno,  Bohari Mohammad Yamin and Syukri Muhammad Nur

Metabolite Profiling of Black Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Following Xanthomonas oryzae pv. Oryzae Infection

Ema Nur Hidayah, Febri Adi Susanto, Tri Joko, Yekti Asih Purwestri, Tri Rini Nuringtyas, Manar Fayiz Mousa Atoum, and  Asad Jan

Evaluation of Efficiency of Echinodorus palaefolius (J.F. Macbr.) Involved in the Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) Culture for Water Quality Recovery and Fish Growth Support

Hany Handajani, Ganjar Adhywirawan, Soni Andriawan, Dony Prasetyo and Boy Ronald Mavuso

Effect of Bioagent-added Organo-mineral Nitrogen Fertilizer on Total Nitrogen, pH, and Chrome Content in Lowland Paddy

Rija Sudirja , Indra Oktavianus Lubis, Nadia Nuraniya Kamaluddin, Santi Rosniawaty

The Effect of Bathing Length Time to Axillary Temperature and Dry Heat Loss on Newborns; A Comparative Analysis

Hotma Sauhur Hutagaol

Identification of Consumers’ Motives in Buying Organic Luwak Coffee in terms of Agri-Touirism

Yosini Deliana , Lucyana Trimo, Sri Fatimah, Mai Fernando N and  Mohamad Djali

Combination of Hyaluronic Acid with Advance-Platelet Rich Fibrin to Reduce Chronic Inflammation: a study in IL-6 and Granulation Index

Ronald W. Kartika, Idrus Alwi, Mirta Hediyati Reksodiputro, Em Yunir, Sarwono Waspadji, Suzzana Immanuel,Todung Silalahi, Saleha Sungkar, Jusuf Rachmat, Saptawati Bardosono, Franciscus D. Suyatna

Value Chain Model for Straw Mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) Agribusiness Performance in Karawang, Indonesia

Suhaeni, Winda Rianti and Yuyun Umaidah

Integrative survey for ant diversity: exhaustive deployment of several ant collection methods in Biological Education and Research Forest of Universitas Andalas, Indonesia

Henny Herwina , Rijal Satria, Yaherwandi, Yositaka Sakamaki, Mairawita, Diyona Putri, Ahmad Efendi, Yusuke Kusuhata, Muhammad N. Janra

Combined Test of Jatropha Biodiesel Based on Altitude Towards Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) Combination with Cultivars and Cytokinins

R. Budiasih, Kovertina Rakhmi Indriana, Reni Nurhayatini, Roni Assafaat Hadi, Noertjahyani, Karyana K.S.

Effect of Mangosteen Peel Extract (Garcinia mangostana l.) with Supplemental Zinc and Copper on Performance and Egg Quality of Sentul Laying Chicken

Tuti Widjastuti , Lovita Adriani, Indrawati Yuda Asmara, Iwan Setiawan, Abun, Leni Nurlaeni

Improving Blood Protein and Albumin Level Using  Dried Probiotic Yogurt in Broiler Chicken

Lovita Adriani , Andi Mushawwir, Chitra Kumalasari, Leni Nurlaeni Ronny Lesmana, Urip Rosani

Physiological Analysis of Orchid Chlorophyll against Odontoglossum ringspot virus Infection

Mahfut, Irni Yuni Minarni, Sri Wahyuningsih, Tundjung Tripeni Handayani

Morphological Identification of Mycorrhizal Fungi Isolated from Native Orchid in Indonesia


Transcriptional Impact of E-cadherin Loss on Embryonic Stem Cells

Hani Alotaibi

Mathematical evaluation of chromosomal anomalies induced by xylol in Vicia faba L. regarding application time and concentration
Ali Özdemir and Canan Özdemir





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