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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Increases the Sensitivity of Cortical Neurons to Acetylcholine and Impairs Cognitive Function in Rats

Fuad A. Abdulla and Esam Y. Qnais

Modeling the biodegradation efficiency and growth of Pseudomonas alcaligenes utilizing 2,4-dichlorophenol as a carbon source Pre- and Post-exposure to UV radiation

Ali Elkarmi, Khaled Abu-Elteen and Muhammad Khader

Heavy Metals in Eleven Common Species of Fish from the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

Ahmad H. Abu Hilal and Naim S. Ismail

Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Three Novel Halophilic Bacillus Strains from Jordanian Hot Springs

Hazem Akel, Farouk Al-Quadan, Manar Atoum and Mohammed Battikhi

Chemical Stress Response of Wild Oat to 1, 2, 7, 8-Diepoxyoctane Treatment

Ghassan. J. M. Kanan

Levels of Heavy Metal Cd, Cu and Zn in Three Fish Species Collected from the Northern Jordan Valley, Jordan

S. M. AL-Weher


Contents of Number 2

Disinfecting Contaminated Water with Natural Solar Radiation Utilizing a Disinfection Solar Reactor in a Semi-arid Region

Ali  Elkarmi, Khaled  Abu-Elteen and Anan  Al-Karmi

Spatial and Seasonal Variations in Biomass and Size Structure of Zooplankton in Coastal Waters of the Gulf of Aqaba

Tariq H. Al-Najjar and Mohsen M. El-Sherbiny

Heavy Metals in Three Commonly Available Coral Reef Fish Species From the Jordan Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

Naim S. Ismail and Ahmad H. Abu-Hi1al

The Primary Production Conditions of Wadi Al-Arab Dam (Reservoir), Jordan

Ismail Saadoun, Erwah Bataineh, Adil Y. Al-Handal

Virtual Reference Values for STR Genetic Loci Assignment in Forensic Arenas: A Jordanian-Based Study

Salem Yasin, Raed Khalil, Maweih Hamad, Ahmad Sharieh, Ahmad Al-Jaber

Distribution of Diazinon in Water, Sediment and Fish from Warri River, Niger Delta Nigeria

Ezemonye L.I.N., Ikpesu T.O. and Ilechie I.

Effect of Chlorogenic and Caffeic Acids on Activities and Isoenzymes of G6PDH and 6PGDH of Artemisia Herba Alba Seeds Germinated for One and Three Days in Light and Dark    (Short Communication)

Farouk Al-Quadan, Abeer Ibrahim, Fawzia M.R. Al-Charchafchi


Contents of Number 3

In vitro antifungal activities of various plant crude extracts and fractions against citrus post-harvest disease agent Penicillium digitatum

Ghassan. J. Kanan ,Rasha. A. Al-Najar

The Effect of Crown Restorations on The Types and Counts of Cariogenic Bacteria

Rabeah Y. Rawashdeh ,Hanan I. Malkawi,Ahmad S. Al-Hiyasat and Mohammad    M. Hammad

Hepatoprotective Activity of  “Orthosiphon Stamineus” on Liver Damage Caused by Paracetamol in Rats

C. Maheswari, R.Maryammal, R. Venkatanarayanan

Cytokine and Antibody Response to Immunization of BALB/C Mice With E.Granulosus Using Various Routes

Khaled M. Al-Qaoud, Laiali T. Al-Quraan, Sami K. Abdel-Hafez

The Latency and Reactivation of Temperature- Sensitive Mutants of  Mouse Cytomegalovirus in Different Organs of Mice.

          Hazem Akel, Farouk Al-Quadan, Moh’d Al-Huniti, Suzan Al-Oreibi, Moh’d Ghalib   and Sheerin Issa.


Effect of Allium sativum and Myrtus communis on the elimination of antibiotic resistance and swarming of Proteus mirabilis.

         Adel Kamal Khder


Optimization and scale up of cellulase free endo xylanase production by solid state fermentation on corn cob and by immobilized cells of a thermotolerant Bacterial isolate

        Uma Gupta and Rita Kar


A Fast and Sensitive Molecular Detection of Streptococcus mutans and Actinomyces viscosus from Dental Plaques

Rabeah Y. Rawashdeh ,Hanan I. Malkawi,Ahmad S. Al-Hiyasat and Mohammad M. Hammad

Contents of Number 4

Influence of Culture Conditions on Cellulase Production by Streptomyces Sp. (Strain J2)

Ziad Jaradat, Ahlam Dawagreh, Qotaiba Ababneh, Ismail    Saadoun


Attempts for Detection of Nanoparticles-Nanobacteria and Distribution of their Antibodies in Jordanian Patients with Urolithiasis

Amin A. Aqel


Variations of Heavy Metals Concentration in Suspended Matter and Physiochemical Properties in the Coastal Surface Water of the Gulf of Aqaba.

  Tariq Al-Najjar, Jamal Bani Fawaz, Riyad Manasrah, Mohamad Al-Zibdah, Ahmad Abu-Hilal


Assessment of Genetic Diversity Among Wheat Varieties in Sulaimanyah using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Analysis

Nawroz Abdul-Razzak Tahir


Genotoxic Effects of Catha edulis (Khat) Extract on Mice Bone Marrow Cells

Salim M. Abderrahman, Nabeel Modallal


Impact of Summer Thermal Stratification on Depth Profile of Phytoplankton Productivity, Biomass, Density and Photosynthetic Capacity in Lake Nasser (Egypt)

Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Monem


Concentrations of Airborne Fungal Contamination in the Medical Surgery Operation Theaters (OT) of Different Hospitals in Northern Jordan

Ismail Saadoun, Ibraheem Ali Al Tayyar, Ziad Elnasser