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Contents of Number 1

A Comparative Anatomical and Epidermal Analysis of Physalis angulata L. and Physalis micrantha L. (Solanaceae)

Chimezie Ekeke, Gordian C. Obute and Chinedum A. Ogazie

The Effects of the Aqueous Extracts of Elaeis guineensis Fruits on the Lipid Profile and Kidney Function Indices of Male Wistar Albino Rats

Robert I. Uroko, Oluomachi N. Uchenna, Ngozi K. Achi, Amarachi Agbafor, Simeon I. Egba and Chidiogo A. Orjiakor

Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Rhus flexicaulis Baker

Mohamed  Abdel-Mawgoud, Fawzy G. Khedr and Enas I. Mohammed

Induced Morphological and Chromosomal Diversity in the Mutagenized Population of Black Cumin (Nigella sativa L.) Using Single and Combination Treatments of Gamma Rays and Ethyl Methane Sulfonate

Ruhul Amin, Mohammad Rafiq Wani, Aamir Raina, Shahnawaz Khursheed and Samiullah Khan

Pyocyanin and Biofilm Formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Burn Infections in Baghdad, Iraq

Maha  M . Khadim  and Mohammed F. AL Marjani

In- vitro Phytotoxic Effects of Cadmium on Morphological Parameters of Allium cepa

Nidhi Didwania, Swati Jain and Deepti Sadana

Investigating the Antimicrobial Potential of in- vitro Grown Microshoots and Callus Cultures of Ammi visnaga (L.) Lam.

Majd M. Al-Saleh, Rida A. Shibli, Hamzah M. Al-Qadiri, Reham W. Tahtamouni, Maysaa M. Darwish and Tamara S. Al- Qudah

Contact and Fumigant Toxicity of Uvaria afzelli (Scott) against Plodia interpunctella (Hubner) Infesting Maize Grains in Nigeria

Folasade K. Olufemi-Salami, Joseph O. Akinneye and Olufemi S. Salami

The Role of Homogenate Hepatic Tissue in Myogenesis

Raith A. S. Al-Saffar and Mohammad K. M. Al-Wiswasy

IgA Nephropathy in Northern Jordan: Evaluation Using the MEST-C Score of Oxford Classification System

Najla H. Aldaoud, Bayan A. Alzumaili, Raya D. Marji, Muna M. Alhusban, Hadil Y. Zureigat,  Ashraf O. Oweis and Ismail I. Matalka

The Importance of Foliar Anatomy in the Taxonomy of the Genus Alocasia (Schott) G. Don

Oluwabunmi O. Arogundade and Olubukola Adedeji

Investigation of rs121918356 and rs121918355 LTBP2 Mutations and LTBP2 Serum Levels in Primary Congenital Glaucoma in a Sample of Iraqi Children

Salwa H. N. Al-Rubaꞌei, Suzanne Jubair, Ali N. M. Al-Sharifi and Mohanned M. B. Al-Moosawi

Mathematical Prediction of Nucleic Acids 3-D Structures Using Inter-Spin Distances and Nonlinear Least Squares Analysis

Samer I. Awad

Association of Genetic Variants of Enzymes Involved in Folate / One-Carbon Metabolism with Female Breast Cancer in Jordan

May F. Sadiq, Nadia M. Abu Issa, Montaser O. Alhakim, Almuthanna K. Alkaraki, Omar F. Khabour, Rami J. Yaghan and Mohammed Y. Gharaibeh

The Role of the Overexpression of Suaeda maritima Choline Monooxygenase and Betaine Aldehyde Dehydrogenase cDNAs in the Enhancement of Salinity Tolerance in Different Strains of E.coli

Shrikanth Saraswathi Krishnamurthi, Sindhu Kuttan, Sankararamasubramanian Meenakshisundram, Thajuddin Nooruddin and Ajay Parida

Parentage Analysis of the Progenies of the Reciprocal Crosses of Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Sauvage, 1878) and Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) using Cytochrome b Gene

Okomoda V. Tosin, Koh I. C. Chong, Hassan Anuar, Amornsakun Thumronk and Shahreza Md Sheriff

Effects of Hypersaline Conditions on the Growth and Survival of Larval Red Drum-(Sciaenops ocellatus)

Irma Kesaulya and  Robert Vega